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Buck Snort has some fine BBQ! You can get a sandwich, a plate, or what I always get, all you can eat for around 10 bucks. That way you can sample ALL the tasty meats and sides. The owner is super nice, and always there. Definitely worth the drive 1 mile off Hwy 75 if you're passing Van Alstyne!


We live in Plano and drive up to Buck Snort to get our fill of great BBQ! We have never been disappointed in our meals. Good quality meats and boy is it packed with good smoked flavor and fall off the bone good. You can't beat the price either especially if you come hungry. You can go once for a single price or go all you can eat for just a few dollars more. Simple, great quality and full of flavor. We are fans and will be back! Price range is great!


While driving to Arkansas I was craving some BBQ for lunch and read the previous post. And at a buffet where I can sample all the meats and sides...I'm in. The buffet price has gone up to $11.99, more than I would usually spend for lunch, but we were talking some tasty looking ribs, chicken, beef, and pork. What the heck...I was hungry. And Buck Snort delivered. Tasty ribs, chicken, pork, and beef, not to mention the sides. The owner is super nice and very cordial. The meats were delicious by themselves, and the sauce is mild but tasty. I wish he had a sauce with a little heat to it...but that won't stop me from stopping by again. Did I mention the ribs? Well worth the detour, just be hungry as this place delivers some serious BBQ.


I give this place 5 stars because I am rating this location against all others in the immediate area and this is among the best bar b q in the area. This was our first visit and we were drawn to the place by a coupon on the internet. We drove the almost 50 miles to get to the restaurant and once inside we were met by a very cheerful employee and the owner. We were actually welcomed to use the coupon. Now that is a change for us as some locations put limitations on you once they find out you have a coupon. We had the buffet which was loaded with five meats, chicken, ribs, pulled pork, brisket and sausage. We thought each was good. By the way, it's all you can eat, so going back for seconds is not a problem. In fact the owner told us not to leave hungry. In addition there are baked beans, cold claw, salad bar, potato salad, and potato wedges You can end the meal with chocolate pudding, sliced peaches and cottage cheese. The interior of the restaurant is very nice and the place is very clean, including the restroom. This restaurant is in one of the old downtown buildings that has been tastefully decorated. Soft drinks and tea can be purchased at the self service drink area. Parking right out front on the street. If you are not all that hungry and would like just a sandwich, they will fix you a sandwich. this place tries to please. Wish there were more restaurants like this around. Eating there made our day and made the drive to Van Alstyne well worth the trip.

We were driving through Van Alstyne today after church looking for a place to eat. We drove to the downtown area and found Buck Snort BBQ. With a name like that it had to be good right ? So we decide to give it a try. We took one look at the salad bar as part of the buffet and decided that was for us. I had chicken, sausage, beef brisket and ribs with assorted vegetables and cobbler. The food was all great, mouth watering ribs and brisket. Vicki and I both thought all of the vegetables we tried were excellent as well. The sauce was interesting and tasty. We've been to quite a few BBQ joints, from those in the hill country, like Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, Coopers in Llano and many others. Buck Snorts is right up there with the best. Give 'em a try, you won't be disappointed.

Take Care,

 My family and I came by Buck Snort BBQ for a late lunch on Saturday December 19 since we knew about your business.  My son and his family live in Van Alstyne so they have visited your place in the past and know how good it is.  We were celebrating an early Christmas for another of our sons who will be out of town on that day.  Our meal was delicious and everyone really enjoyed it.  When the fresh rolls ran out, you served us a pan of hot biscuits with butter and honey to round out the meal.

 We knew that you give free birthday buffets so I told you that it was the birthday for everyone in our party of 9 - but you didn't go for that.  Thanks for being a great host and serving excellent BBQ.  I really appreciate how everyone in Van Alstyne pulls together and works to make the town a great place to live.  On Christmas Day this year you are showing such a gracious attitude by furnishing a free BBQ dinner to those who have no family or other place to go, or who just need a good hot meal.  We are glad to know that our son and his family live in such a generous and supportive town.

Best regards,
Paul and Pat Phillips
Dallas, TX

Reviews from the KTEN Rewards website:

As good as it gets... Review by Jack Murray
This is as good as it gets when in comes to BBQ. Not only is the selection of meat good...there are enough sides to keep anyone happy. The price is right and me and my family will be going back. (Posted on 9/17/11)

Was Excellent Review by J & A

Food was great. Loved the ribs the most. But all of the food was excellent. A good variety with the meat selections and the side dishes. Will be going back. Worth the drive from Sherman. (Posted on 7/1/11)

Best BBQ in Texoma Review by Cc
This is by far the best BBQ in Texoma all my friends told me to go to Tioga (Clarks) for the best BBQ,tried them twice and not impressed.This place is worth checking out.Have eaten there with picky grandkids who also loved it and want to go back.Best ribs ever. (Posted on 5/7/11)

FANTASTIC Review by Rhonda
We love the food, the service, everything! We tell everyone about it and everyone we've told loves it. In fact, we have a friend that does not like BBQ, but she likes Bucksnorts. Absolutely no complaints. We will go every chance we get. (I especially love the ribs!!!! My husband likes the chicken. But have never had anything we didn't like.) (Posted on 1/7/11)

Ribs were VERY TENDER AND TASTY Review by Ebby Halliday Ladies
Not only was the buffet great, but the owners showered Annie Kremer, our birthday girl, with fresh out of the oven Chocolate Chip Cookies! We will be back! (Posted on 10/21/10)

Good food at a good price! Review by CC
The AYCE buffet is a very good deal - especially with the KTEN certificates. Food is fresh and there is a great atmosphere. The sweet tea is some of the best I have ever had! (Posted on 9/29/10)

Wow. Four stars. Review by Christine75495
I hadn't been to this restaurant since before it changed hands, but I knew the chef was the same--Jim Smith. The food was fantastic, very fresh, very tender. One of our family has some difficulty with chewing, but not with this BBQ, it was that tender. Jim is so friendly and the restaurant is clean and well arranged. The price is right, and you don't have to drive any further than our own downtown. We're planning on treating ourselves to a meal at Buck Snort more often. We even came home with some bones for our rescued dogs. (Posted on 8/8/10)

Very Good Review by Maryland
We enjoyed the great BBQ, which was very fresh. The atmosphere, of the old buliding plus chatting with the owner. (Posted on 6/19/10)

Three Thumbs Up Review by Pam
After reading the reviews we didn't know what to expect; we were very pleased. Clean, historic old building, and the price is right for all you can eat. We've been to a number of AYCE bbq places and we think this is one of the best we've been to. Give it a try! (Posted on 6/14/10)

BBQ Review by Missy
I agree with the others too pricey, meat soaking in water, salads are all bought premade stuff. Very clean and owner very nice. While we were there a large family was eating and had a brat with them and they were way too noisey. I would rate it a 4. (Posted on 6/11/)

BBQ Review by GL
My family and I have eaten here about 3 times, hoping the food would get better. Each time the food has gotten worse. The place is very clean, although the taste of the food is not worth it to us. I could not believe the other reviews about how good it was. I would not go back if it was free, honestly. The prices are outrageous if you pay the regular price. The Brisket and Chicken both have a horrible taste that stays with you and as CA mentioned below the meats are all soaking in water. As stated before, it is very clean and the service is good, if you enjoy being "watched" while you are eating. It is also in a nice downtown location, but I would not recommend this place to anyone. Go elsewhere if you want some real BBQ! (Posted on 5/28/10)

BBQ Review by CA
Went to Buck Snort this weekend. It was over priced for the selections you had. The Brisket / Chicken was soaked in water so it lost all the flavor it might have had. I was really expecting a buffet. The potato salad was good. It was a clean place. But not what I expected because all the other reviews. Probably won't go back. (Posted on 5/10/10)

Great bbq Review by naplesmanjim
I drove down from Sherman just to try the BBQ it was great and the place is so clean and the service was real good to. Can't wait to go back. Jim F of Sherman (Posted on 4/14/10)

Great BBQ! Review by Kevin
My wife and I took a ride out to Van Alstyne on our motorcycle and what a wonderful place! The ribs were the best we had in a long time! Everyone should come and check this place out! (Posted on 3/26/10)

Best BBQ Around Review by David
Worth the drive to Van Alstyne. Beautiful historic building in charming downtown. Ribs and sausage are the best around! (Posted on 3/22/10)

My sister and I love Bucksnorts in Van Alstyne.  Its a good drive for us from Denison but WELL WORTH IT!!!!!!   Best ribs I have ever eaten and everything else is excellent too!!!!  Even the potato salad and I don't usually like anyones but MINE!!!    Yall give Jim a chance and go check him out.   Look up Bucksnorts on line for days and times and get out there!!!!  Jim is very friendly and loves to sit and talk to you if you don't mind.   I can't say enough about him or his business!!!!!

We are originally from KC home of Arthur Bryant's & Hereford House known for great BBQ.
I would put Jim's BBQ right up there with the best.
Ken Durbin
Howe , TX